Party hairstyles

party hairstyles

As a young woman of style and active nightlife, I thrive and take pride in my looks. Whether it’s my good old long hair or a good dress to match my taste in women’s fashion, this is something that I take seriously… And, if you are a woman with long hair who is planning to go out and party, you need the best party hairstyle and a fashionable dress to match!

waterfall hairstyles

The trouble is that party hairstyles are not that easy to choose when you want to impress but also stand out!

So, if you are attending a party or a wedding not fret and worry about where to find your long hairstyle inspirations, in this post, we have chosen some of the best hairstyles for a party, especially when you have long hair.

We all know how long hair can be challenging to style but with a good set of inspirational long hairstyles out there, anyone can quickly replicate a variety of Pinterest hairstyles.

I mention Pinterest long hairstyles because these styles are inspired by loads of millennials who found time to showcase their party hairstyles just to inspire you to pick your favorite and All it requires is some technique and a few hairstyling tools.

party hairstyles
Best Party Hairstyle worth a steal

What You Will Need To Replicate These Party Hairstyles…

To recreate party hairstyles, you are going to need a mousse and I recommend this one from Amazon’s next day delivery, dryer, hair styling iron, brush, and if you are like me, you may also need an artificial flower or two, depending upon the kind of look you want to flaunt.

Well, as I said, your desperate hunt for the best party hairstyles is a thing of the past as we have anything funky From big party curly hairstyles, wavy chignons to sleek high ponytails.

I can assure you that as long as you have a handful hair on your head, we will bring to you hairstyles that are modern, sleek, and easy to do. Let’s get down to our best party hairstyles!

Curly party hairstyle.

Big curls and sexy waves.

You will not believe how much you can get away with when styling your hair for a night out when you have a good set of curling irons in your hands.

I mean how can you not like a party hairstyle when it gives you amazing hair curls just by using a flatiron.

For years women have used curling tongs to achieve amazing party hairstyles using handy tricks with curling irons.

curle blondie party hairstyle

And if you are away on holiday these tips are also handy to have when you’re traveling especially where you don’t have a lot of room in your suitcase for every single heat hairstyling tool.

Personally, I like using GHD Eclipse, this brand came through for modern hairstyles as it has these curved edges that make it a lot easier to use in place of a curling iron.

To achieve, a perfect party hairstyle, begin by sectioning your hair off as it will make your life a lot easier especially if you have a long fine hair and you want to style it in a way that makes it look puffy.

The way you do it take a small section of hair and place it between the plates and then flip the end of the hair around the iron

Gently, without holding the iron closed too tightly you want to turn the iron towards your head about once or twice and then slowly move down the section and when you reach the ends give it a little bit of a twist.

From there, just flick your wrist and you are on your way! Of course, it does take a little bit of practice and getting used to but what you will love the most about the kinds of curls you get with a flat iron is that they don’t come out perfectly identical to each other.

And I like that as it gives me options on how my party hairstyle look should end up looking like.

Seriously, curly hairstyles don’t have to be that difficult, in fact, these curls may look intimidating at first but they’re easy to achieve yet they also look a little bit more effortless and imperfect which is super ideal for a party or going on a night out with the girls.

This is a modern hairstyle as you don’t want to end up with curls that all look completely the same.

party hairstyles

Party hairstyles must look nice yet natural at the same time and the curly hairstyle doesn’t look way too overdone when you put in the effort.

Any woman who wants to achieve a tousled look in their hairstyle can always go for this effortless effect that it gives and all this is possible thanks to the GHC Eclipse hairstyling iron.

This heat styling tool will not damage your hair as it heats up to one heat setting which is 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

GHC Eclipse hairstyling iron come with regulated temperature which is ideal for styling your hair without causing any damage to it. And the technology it has allows for it to maintain evenly distributed heat throughout the plates.

Personally, I notice that each time I put the GHC Eclipse to work, styling my hair especially when I’m straightening hair that you don’t have to go over the same section over and over.

A good tip for when you get to the topmost section of your hair, I like to sort of pull the hair forward when I’m curling it.

That way, you are directing the shape and finish of your party hairstyle. What it does when you do it this way, it gives your hair that puffy look while also injecting a little bit of extra volume at the top.

When you’re finished with curling, toss your hair around to just give your hair a good shake just to loosen up the curls and break things up as it will help things look a little bit more voluminous

Holiday Glam Waves.

There is no party hairstyles that screams fun like this classic and timeless Hollywood wave. And by the look of it, you would think it’s an impossible style to achieve, but am telling you, with just a few hair accessories and a good old hot hair curling iron in hand, you can do this party hairstyle at home.

Holiday Glam waves

There are plenty of hot styling tongs with large or medium barrels that you will find it a lot easier to style your hair than you think.

And achieving this holiday glam wave hairstyle for your night out, you’re going to take a one-inch section of hair and you will do a Marcel clamp to that hair section.

Then you are going to press that into the hair while you glide it and give it a spin around the hair.

Sounds tricky and complicated but you will get used to this spin once you do it once or twice.

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