Moroccan Oil Shampoo review

Moroccan Oil shampoo Review

When it comes to hair products, Moroccan oil shampoo is a perfect cleansing formula that enables a user to stay hydrated throughout the day by preventing dryness. This product is extracted from antioxidant-rich argan oil, red algae and contains vitamin A & E. Moroccan oil work by enhancing the hydration of the hair making it look healthier with vibrancy and increased elasticity.

Moroccan oil is gentle enough to be used daily and provides maximum hydration for both color-treated and normal hair. This product works by restoring elasticity in the hair follicles as well protects and moisturizes the hair cuticles preventing dryness.

Unlike most oils, the Moroccan oil shampoo hydrating product does not require heat for it to be effective. You have to relax for about 10 minutes after application, and then rinse out. You will be able to note the replenishing results immediately including the elasticity and originality.

This product from argan oil is easy to use and won’t consume a lot of your time. It smells great and feels creamy when you touch making you feel hydrated all day long. It is recommended that you use the moisture hydrating conditioner after rinsing so that it detangles your hair gently making it more manageable and soft shiny.

In case you have curly, frizzy hair that needs strengthening every day or the one that dries quickly and gets brittle when you try to style, you need this Moroccan oil hydrating shampoo. It will calm your frizz as well as it will smooth your ends making you look soft and healthy.

Moroccan Oil Review

Moroccan Oil Review
Moroccan Oil Review


Moroccan Oil Ingredients

The ingredients in this Moroccan oil include aqua, Cocamidopropyl, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, capric glycerides, fragrance, acetamide mea, argan oil, linoleic acid, polysorbate20, butylene glycol, sodium chloride, citric acid, palmaria palmate extract and many more.

The ingredient like cetyl alcohol is commonly present in many shampoos and conditioners. This product doubles the duty of the shampoo by making your hair softer. On the other hand, flaxseed extract will help to improve the health of your hair by reversing the dry hair. In nails, this extract will help to reverse back the brittle nails.

Dimethicone is another product that is commonly included in hair products. This ingredient will help to create a smooth platform for application of this hair product. It has been approved by FDA, and you can get it a local cosmetic shop. There is also Behentrimonium chloride that helps in conditioning your hair in the shaft by enabling the oil to penetrate through.

Argan oil is the main ingredient in the Moroccan oil and is extracted from the trees that live longer. Sometimes it takes up to 50 years for these trees to bear fruits making this oil rare and precious. This oil is the ingredient that most contributes to the hydrating aspect of the Moroccan oil. It works by the un-frizzing hair, moisturizing the scalp and makes the hair shine a little.

Cetrimonium chloride in this hair product acts as a cleanser that prevents products from building up in the hair. Methylparaben ingredient will induce the antifungal and antibacterial properties thus keeping water-based products remain pure and clear from contamination. Ingredients like fragrance, Buthylphenyl, and Coumarin will help to bring a scent that is pleasing.

Moroccan Oil Pros

  •  From the customers who have used this hair product, they find it more effective than other products.
  •  It works on all types of hair including the treated and the very coarse.
  • You can apply on a weekly basis and still get the best results.
  • The products work effectively, and results can be noted within a few minutes.
  • It detangles the hair thus making it easier when combing
  • It has the scent that is sweet and pleasing

Moroccan Oil Cons

• Moroccan oil seems to work perfectly on thicker hair. When used in thin hair, results are not good enough.
• The price of this hair product is relatively high compared to other related items.
• Some people find this hydrating oil shampoo creamy making them somehow oily.

Final Verdict

Moroccan oil shampoo is the ideal hair product for most people and is accompanied by fewer side effects. Using this product for 1-2 weeks, you will note a significant improvement in your hair structure as well as complete hydration. Because of its effectiveness, consistency and pleasing smell, it has become a regular product for hydration and healthy hair.

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