Beach Waves Hairstyle vs Messy Hairstyle Bun

Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach waves hairstyle vs messy hairstyle bun is one of the best hairstyles you should be looking at if you are looking for easy to do trendy hairstyle to spice things up for the season in hand. And that is why In this post, we show you how to nail down the best of trendy hairstyles at home. Most hairstyles will need you to figure out your hair texture as the basis for effortless, easy to do hairstyles.

Beach Wavy Hair Overnight

Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach waves hairstyle is the playground for celebrity hairdos and you don’t have to look further than Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.
The best part is the fact that any woman can easily pull off this look effortlessly and yes you don’t need those professional hairstylists to get an awesome beach wave hairstyle.

This hairstyle is ideal for all seasons even as a summer hairstyle, you will love wearing this type of hairstyle.

How to get Beach Waves Hairstyle

How To Get Beach Waves Overnight

They come in a plethora of shapes and styles but if you want a hearty beach waves hairstyle, you will need curling wand to hand so you can crack on without wasting time.

For naturally looking beach curls use slightly bigger chunks of hair when cutting your hair strands for styling.

Wrap the hair strand round the hair tong barrel and gently hold and run the curling tong barrels for a few seconds before you let go.

How To Get Beach Waves Overnight

Repeat and let go quickly otherwise if you hold on too long, the hair strands will get too curly and that is not what you want.

beach wave styling with curling tongs

When you get to the top of your head, you will find using slightly smaller chunks of hair to be the best. So make sure you keep that in mind as you do your beach waves hairstyle.

When you have finished with the curling tongs, tease your hair from the back working through to your front by running your finger nice and gentle.

Beach Waves Hairstyle teasing

How To Get Beach Waves Without Heat

Beach Waves For Short Hair With Flat Iron

Which Beach Waves Hair Products To Use?

 Tousled Hairstyle

Are you looking into getting on the trendy Tousled hairstyle
that is on the rise like right now! Listen if you haven’t caught up with Tousled hairstyle, don’t panic it’s just the tip of an iceberg in the hairstyles for modern women.
Needless to say that Tousled hairstyle is not for everyone, you will either love it or hate it but the one thing we will all agree on is how fast this hairstyle is taking on the mainstream hairstyles like Messy Hairstyles Bun, Bun hairstyles for short hair.

tousled hairstyle

How To Get Tousled Hair Without Heat

To get your perfectly tousled hairstyle without drama, you have to get the basics spot-on. And tousling hair should always start with clean hair that has adequate moisture and oils straight from the right products made for tousled hairstyling. And for that, I have listed the best products for the tousled hairstyle which you can find the complete guide to tousled hairstyling products here. But if you are short on the time, you will not go wrong with herbal essence tousle me softly shampoo and this tousling hair conditioner.

At this stage, the secret is to begin your tousling style in the shower room with these products before jumping on to the next stage.

wash hair

How To Apply Hair Tousling Product?

image by Wikihow

Before you apply the product, and you happen to have curly or wavy hair, make sure to use your hairspray gel to set those natural looking curls and lock them in place and get cracking. Any Best curl shaping hairspray gel should do the work, however, this Garnier Fructis spray gel is even better.

We all know how medium hairstyle is trending right now, so for that medium hairstyle, you will need to apply styling cream especially if your hair is medium and thick.

Moroccan oil styling cream works wonders for many hair textures and I would not even think of any other product that would do hair tousling just if it is medium and thick.

But if you are blessed with straight long hair, girl you need to lay your hands on a large dollop of volumizer mousse, comb that hair while it is wet, and you will be amazed at the results of your labor. For this, I would go for Tresseme Volumizing with thermal creations.

My secret weapon of choice is a quick spritz of hair texturizing spray, there are quite a few good fits for the tousled hairstyle, but I have put together the best hair texturing spray for tousled hair styling. Generously do up your hair and make sure that it is evenly applied.

How To Blow Dry Tousled Hair The Right way?

Tousled hairstyle often go wrong here, and the main reason is either you over dry your hair or you get to touch your hair too much which result in frizzy hairstyle.
What you want to do is blow dry your hair to 85% moisture level and the best way to achieve this with minimal touching of your hair is by flipping your hair forward, then start blow drying your hair from the end tips.

If you have short hair, you will need to lay your hands on a roller comb. Take a small section of your hair, and start to roll it back from the front to back away from the face. Blow dry it and move on quickly to the next section.

In the second stage, you will need a hair curling tong, the 3/4 hairstyling tong should do the trick.
Wrap the curling iron approximately 1 TO 1.5-inch roll from the middle shafts of your hair, making sure that you leave the hair roots intact.

Now the idea here is to create haphazard hair looking style and to achieve that, you want to randomly curl your mid-shaft hair from middle to the hair end tips.
When you are done, gently tousle your nicely curled hair as desired.

If your hair is of Medium size, you want to section your hair at least 2 inches apart, for a dramatic hairstyle look, I would go for square zigzag 2-inch hair sections.
Apply a generous dollop of mousse and twist your hair sections into min hair buns. I would use hair pins to safely secure those rolled hair strands into their min hair buns.

Beach Wavy Hair Overnight

Once you complete those min hair buns, blow dry them up one by one and make sure the pins stay intact until you have blow dried your hair buns.

Unless otherwise, your blow drying should take you approximately 15-20 minutes for better results.
In many cases, your hair close to the face will need to gently get straightened if it is too curly. Just make sure you are using your comb and dryer to reshape your hair around the facial areas.

You curling tongs should do the trick here especially where the hair is either too curly or too straight. Separate hair sections from middle-shaft towards the end and wrap it all the way to the end.

Long hair is a little trickier, but all you have to do is section your hair pretty much like before (2-inch hair sections).

For better results, you will need a big round metal hairbrush, lightweight hair styling spray before you start sectioning your hair to blow dry it.

The way I would do it is to use the metal hairbrush as a roller, then roll the hair and blow dry it for a few seconds before I move on to the next stage.

The trick here is for you to make sure you form a duckbill clipped hair at the hair root and you can achieve this by twisting your hair as you roll your brush towards the hair tip.

When all the coils are done, leave them in place as you do your house chores or wearing your make.

Once everything is done, gently remove those duckbill clips and tousle your hair to your liking. Breaking the curls with your hands will create the dramatic tousled hairstyle you will love and possibly repeat over and over when you need to.

 Messy Hair Bun Style

Messy hairstyles bun may not be your typical stylish hair do as you may think it’s possibly not as dramatic as you may think, however, messy hairstyles bun are hot in the trending hairdos even celebrities like Jenniffer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, and Blake Lively have all graced the red carpet wearing messy hairstyles bun.

messy hairstyle bun

The secret is in how you wear the hair bun that makes it even more lustrous!
If you come to think of hair buns, these are what we call classics of the many hairstyles since hair became a big thing in women’s beauty.
Now the messy hairstyles bun is a new flick of the old version! And if you think of it, anyone can make their own version of messy hairstyles bun. But you need the inspiration to do your messy hairstyles bun justice!

Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair

The one thing I love about messy hairstyles for short hair works well for almost every occasion you can think of. Whether it’s a wedding, an office do or just about with friends in your local drinking joint if you just want to kick your legs up and enjoy a nice cup of fresh coffee blew with your girls.

Messy hair medium

Messy Hairstyles For Wedding

Ever wondered why wedding hairdos are so crucial? It’s the day you get to be what you want in a more flattering way and there are no hairdos that will knock that off the park than a flick of your very own version of messy hairstyle for weddings. It’s loved by many and adored by a large following as it showcases your features in a dramatic way.

wedding hairstyle bun

Easy Messy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Now if you are cooking dinner for friends, being the host, you know time can run like crazy, the quick an stylish way to look impeccable and classy is by doing a classic hair bun in a form of a new flick, the messy hairstyles for long hair!

Short Messy Hairstyles For Over 50

You will love short messy hairstyles for over 50s! Who said being 50 means you can’t look good? Well if you were in doubts about what hairstyles is better for over fifty, now you have your answers. Messy hairstyles bun may be the new squeeze, but hair bun styles have been around for centuries. And no one does better when it comes to short messy hairstyles than the over 50s.

How To Do Messy Hair Bun

Though messy hairstyles bun is easy to do on the eye, they are actually quite difficult to achieve a perfect messy hair bun. Luckily, we are going to show everything you need to know to pull off a perfect messy hairstyle bun.

If you follow the steps outlined in this post, you should end up with a perfectly done hair bun style which is effortless, stylish and quick to get yourself out of the door with a professional looking hairstyle for a fashion-centric modern woman.

STEP #1: Make sure to gently brush your hair and get all knots removed as the hair gets tangled from time to time.

STEP #2: Once all hair knots are sorted, it’s time to apply a touch of volumizing hairspray and the best dry shampoo if you need to. Best hairspray will help you texturize your hair and ready for styling.

STEP #3: Start from a ponytail position, by making a ponytail at the top crowning head, you make the whole process of creating the best messy hairstyle bun possible.

STEP #4: With your bobble in hand ready to secure your hair bun, cut two sections of your hair, roll it to a string like hair strand and begin to wrap it around your bun on top of your head crowning area. The bobble is best used as the tie-knot holder so your bun is left in place effortlessly.

At this stage, what you have just created is what is commonly known as the ballerina hair bun, the classic bun which has been applied to hairstyles in women for centuries.

Now to achieve the new squeeze messy hairstyle bun, you need to gently start pulling a few hair strands from the classic bun an let it hang.
If you want to add more volume and a dramatic look to your hair bun, loosen the grip of the bobble and you will have your bun and eat it! (kidding!)
If you have seen trendy hair bun style on Instagram or Pinterest, this is how to do your first hair bun style at home.

The best part is the fact that there are so many ways to add dimensions and styling options available for you to tweak things up according to your face shape and fashion accessories you want to showcase.!

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