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Waist trainer is the best thing that has ever happened to fashion, but it must also be said that getting the best results after you buy waist trainer is not a walk in the park.

waist trainer

While I’m standing up, the whole thing is fine. It’s just when I sit down that I really struggle. Unlike my colleague Erica, who seems to be totally happy with her waist trainer, I think my height (I’m 5’10” and probably four or so inches taller than Erica) means the waist trainer is a bit short in the body for me, hence the uncomfortable folding issue every time I sit down.

Waist training is not just about picking the best waist trainer you can find on the market, you need to understand that there are factors that play a huge role in how you choose your best waist trainer. Here are some of the things you need to know before buying your waist trainer.

How long is your torso?

Waist trainers for women usually hit a snag in the breast area, to make sure that your choice for waist trainer does not make your sitting extremely uncomfortable, you need to make sure that the measurements of your torso are accurate to that of the waist trainer brand you intend to buy.

 Despite the need for measurements and convenience for waist trainers, it is also equally important to understand that your choice of waist trainers should play a role in your fashion accessories. There is really no need to go buy a waist training corset  that looks like 18th century bandaging in call the midwife drama.

I started waist training about two years ago, and let me tell you I’ve had AMAZING results. It is definitely something you want to consult with someone about though, as you can damage your body. But when done right your figure looks STUNNINGGGG ! Here’s a few pics of how my body has transformed, I’m telling you it’s definitely something to look into. I’m so glad i did !!! Xx


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