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A waist cincher is a bodice that is designed to make the waist smaller to give that natural feminine sexy silhouette. Spandex Waist Trainer , usually goes over the waist line and can run under the bust area to set it up and down your hips to tone them up. Latex waist cinchers and waist trainers are very popular because of the amazing properties of the material in serving the waist training needs.

Whereas waist cinchers are primarily designed to offer women that sexy curvy look, there are some that are designed for corrective reasons. The waist cinchers do come with a number of benefits but then again it is important to remember that you will only manage to enjoy these benefits when you choose the right cincher for your body shape and size.

1. They give you a small waist

The little waist is what every woman yearns for because it is what is considered ideal and this is exactly what your waist cincher will fetch you. The garments come lined with metal or plastic strips also known as boning to offer the much needed support around the waist. The boning is what packs the body into the shape desired hence giving that small waist effect to make you look stunning in your outfit.

2. They help improve posture

The boning on the garment is strong enough to keep your posture right; there are reduced chances of showing awful stance or slumping some when you are wearing a cincher. These garments in reality end up confining your development to a certain degree, thus improving your posture in the process.

3. They offer considerable back support

Back support is very important, especially when working out or when you are out strolling. When you have a waist cincher, you can utilize it for the occasion as a belt that offers you the back support that you need. When you wear it during workouts it does not only offer the back support to keep injuries and pains minimal but it can also help in firming the muscles and burning fats aiding weight loss in the end.

4. Waist cinchers can slim you down

If you are feeling conscious about your weight and you want to appear slimmer than you really are, then the cinchers are the way to go. The garments can be worn under clothes to conceal defects of bigger stomach or waist thus leaving you looking smaller. The results maybe temporary unless you are thinking of training your waist but at least the cincher will make it possible for you to look amazing in your favorite outfit especially when attending an important occasion.

5. They prepare the midsection for more grounding

Important to note is that waist cinchers are a little different from waist trainers basically around the results that they can get for you. The high pressure cinchers apply to the midsection helps in preparing it for more grounding, especially if you are thinking about graduating into waist training.

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If you keep up with fashion trends, chances are you've heard a thing or two about waist cinchers. Many women have embraced the revival in corsets and waist trainers today! They have been around for 500 years or more... they're not exactly new! Back in the day, women fought for the right to go without wearing them. Now, they're back in style! Before you join in the fun, keep these things in mind.

What is a Waist Cincher, Exactly?

A waist cincher can also be known as a corset or waist trainer. It's an undergarment that wraps around the waist to give it shape. It has vertical steel boning in it to provide the contouring. It will have a laced-up portion, usually in the back, that can be used for adjusting the level of tightness on the waist.

When Did We Start Thinking that this was a Good Idea?

Between 1500 and 1550, they made corsets with whale bone instead of steel boning. They called them "bodices". By 1796, the high Empire waist came into style. With it, corsets didn't need to be as tight and restricting as they had been. They followed the more natural curve of a woman's body.

During the Victorian era, the Empire waist was gone and corsets were back with a vengeance. They added different materials into the build. Can you imagine a corset made of steel or wood? During the 1920's women started to rebel against wearing the uncomfortable contraptions.

The Dior couture look has been credited for bringing back the hourglass waist look in 1947. In the fifties, girdles did the job of keeping the average woman looking pretty in her A line dresses.

The sixties and seventies... well, we know what happened there. Women didn't even want to wear bras, let alone girdles or corsets. Fast forward to now. Spanx are in, waist trainers and corsets are back on the scene. It's interesting to wonder what comes in the future for underwear.

How a Waist Cincher Works

While you are wearing it, you may have a tiny waist. It works by pushing the water weight out of your waist. It can bend your ribs and shift your organs too. Some people talk about a lasting effect, but evidence shows that it's not true. The results will only be temporary, as it all goes back to normal shortly after you remove the cincher.

Some women love the look of tight lacing. This is just what it sounds like, and involves tightening up the lacing incrementally. Although this may be painful, it gives you the tiniest waist. Experts warn against lacing too tightly, and breaking a rib. Bruising in the ribs is not uncommon in women that choose to engage in tight lacing.

Do Cinchers Offer a Shortcut for Body Shaping?

We are all hoping for a shortcut... a pill, ointment, or device such as the waist cincher to help us have a nicer shape. It news is in - it's still diet and exercise that needs to be in place to lose weight and shape up. Always keep in mind that the shape of your waist is going to be directly related to your genetics. If hourglass waistlines run in your family, you've got a better chance than most of having one. Heredity is your best chance at a slim waist... or not!

Now, some women will swear by them. They insist that they've been proven for centuries. And that they definitely work in getting you the body shape you're looking for. It's true that women have depended on them through the ages. It's also true that women have suffered the effects on their bodies. Bruised and cracked ribs, organ damage, and fainting spells are the tradeoff for the perfect figure in waist cinchers.

Of course, plastic surgeons would argue that a better, safer result could be realized through surgery. Tummy tucks offer a way to immediately trim fat from the midsection. In cases of obesity, bariatric surgery will get the weight off, but under medical supervision.

For long term weight loss and body shaping, particularly in the waist, core exercises will do the trick. Add in some good aerobic exercise on a regular basis, and you're on your way to a slimmer waist.

Are Cinchers Safe to Use?

Aside from the questionable benefits, there are some real health dangers. Relying on a corset or waist cincher to trim those inches can cause damage. Here's the lowdown.

Using these things will cause problems with your breathing. This may lead to lung problems. This may lead to damage to the lungs. When you deprive your body of oxygen, you set yourself up for metabolic problems. These metabolic problems can lead to weight gain.

So, you may get the opposite effect from the results you set out to achieve.

I Still Want to Try It... What Should I Watch Out For?

What if all this information hasn't swayed you away from waist cincher and waist trainers? If you're going to go ahead with it anyway, keep the following in mind:

  • Only wear the waist cincher for a few hours at a time.
  • Wear one that fits properly - not too loose or too tight
  • Stop and take it off if you feel any numbness, tingling, breathing trouble, or stomach pain
NEVER work out in a waist cincher- that's very dangerous. You must be able to breathe during your workout!

Wearing a waist cincher continuously will cause damage to your health and body. Your ribs may shift and become bruised. Your organs will most likely become redistributed or damaged.

Are There any Advantages to Wearing a Waist Cincher?

Actually, there is one. Looking on the bright side, there is a benefit for those who have had back pain, injury, or back surgery. Wearing a waist cincher or corset while recuperating may help. They can offer support and pain relief to those dealing with back issues.

Now, there is a fashion element to waist cinchers and corsets. Some women wear them outside their clothes to show them off.

I hope you found this information useful. Waist cinchers aren't for everyone, but make sure you have the facts before you start a waist training program!

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Who am I?

I am a recent college graduate who has tried almost everything to lose weight. I am a pretty active gal, so exercise was not the problem. I ate a normal American diet, addicted to coffee and indulged in fast food maybe once every other week. I am speaking in past tense because I no longer do such things so I can maintain my current figure. Waist training made me lose 4 inches in a little over a month. Ever since I started waist training, I have gotten into the habit of keeping fit and juicing often. This is my review on waist training and how it worked for me.

The Product:

Most of us would give almost anything to get that hourglass shape, but what are our options? Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have introduced this new thing that has helped them lose weight post pregnancy. The buzz has been high, but so has the criticism. Critics have been raving about the idea of the new found waist trainers! So what exactly is a waist trainer? A waist trainer is a latex/rubber waist garment that constrains your waist and holds heat around your waist area (Not similar to a corset.) They come in different sizes and types. Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist cincher, (trainer). The question I was asking is, does waist training work?

Some of you may be skeptical on what a waist trainer is. Many confuse 21st century waist training with the old school waist training. The practice was very popular in the Victorian times but has been something that has come back by popular demand. The oldies used leather and lace corsets with over 24 steel bones, that basically restrain your waist ridiculously. A waist cincher is basically the 21st century version of a waist corset. Now you may ask, is waist training safe? Let's check out the pros and cons.

Pros vs Cons


  • Instantly reduces waist by 4 inches.
  • Has thermal areas on it to increase sweating on your core area.
  • Helps posture and back.
  • Psychologically encourages you to lose weight.
  • Minimizes food consumption.


  • Shortness of breath the first week.
  • Hard to move around with the first week.
  • Waist area can get uncomfortably hot.
  • Extreme use can cause temporary health problems.

After reading so many waist training reviews and articles, I was a little skeptical due to the negative vibe. That did not stop me from experimenting though. Based on the pros and cons I mentioned, I believe my waist trainer worked wonders! Some critics and journalists have made a point that corsets have been proven to physically damage a woman's body, causing intestines to, for lack of a better term, "squeeze" together and injure in the stomach region. The key point is the term corsets, not polyester or latex waist cinchers. I do believe that wearing a hard, steel- boned corset could potentially damage a woman's body for the rest of her life, but not a latex/rubber waist trainer due to the elasticity and agility. After owning a corset, I have come to seriously appreciate the flexibility in my latex waist trainer. Corsets often left me feeling winded, out of breath and deeply uncomfortable. The steels bones within the corsets typically leave dents and scars on the torso and can take up to three days to dissolve. Long story short, wearing a steel bone corset sucked. The thing I liked about using my waist trainer is the fact that over time, the trainer reduced water weight, suppress my appetite and is very maneuverable. I personally wear my waist trainer at least 4 hours a day. I begin my days by putting my waist trainer on and then, my usual exercise gear. Sometimes, if I'm preparing to sweat a lot, I'll put clothes on first to avoid having to clean my waist trainer directly. The waist trainers are flexible and allows me to bend and stretch during my exercise routines, which is great for my waist training exercises.

Who is waist training for?

I believe waist training is for any lady who is either looking to lose weight or shape there waist. Most mothers like waist training because it helps them lose baby weight, post pregnancy. Most mothers have found that waist trainers helps boost their confidence and motivates them to eat less and work out more often. I have personally experienced that mothers often spend so much time caring for their children and households that they barely have time to exercise as often as they'd like to. Waist trainers can be worn throughout the day and are flexible enough to carry out daily routines. They are tight enough to give you the hourglass shape underneath your clothes and lose enough to allow you to bend. Plus a quick waist exercise with it on is highly effective than a long waist slimming exercise without.

Working hard is part of our everyday lives! Our feet and our backs hurt after spending hours standing or even sitting. Waist shapers hold your back upright, giving you a naturally beautiful posture. I experienced the difference when I started wearing it to the office. Let's just say it redefines the term "sitting upright."

How to use a waist trainer.

One thing for sure, is that you cannot just wear a waist trainer and expect magical results. Yes wearing it, in itself, will enable you to eat less, will sweat your waist and help your posture, but for long term results, you need to work. Exercising is important especially waist training exercises. Watching what you eat is also important. Waist training automatically decreases the amount you consume, but you should still watch what you eat.

My personal results

None the less, my before and after corset training compared to my before and after waist training was completely different. The first week of waist training with a waist cincher was horrible. Given the fact that it was the summer, I couldn't stand the heat around my waist. It was hard to do some activities and I was just overall mean. My husband called me "the one who shall not be named" for a while because he felt like I was evil for the first few days. I then combined my waist training with juicing and working out then things started changing. After a month and a half I had lost over 4 inches off my waist and it felt amazing.

Final rating: Highly recommended

The only thing I did not like is how uncomfortable it was in the beginning, and the frustration. Women always do uncomfortable things to better themselves so I managed to persevere. It worked in my experience and if you are serious and willing to try it, it will work for you. Waist training with a waist cincher is one I would recommend to every lady looking to get an hour glass figure.

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